Room with a view, Oct 6. When I look out of my bedroom window, I simply can’t avoid the structures on the top of the hills encircling Yanoun village. These so called outposts are, as all Israeli settlements in occupied Palestine, illegal according to international law, as well as by Israel (in theory). These outposts are the reason why we are here. In 2002, settlers would come to Yanoun on a weekly basis, destructing property, abusing the villagers and threatening to kill them, leading to villagers fleeing Yanoun. Since then, internationals provide a 24/7 protective presence to enable the villagers to stay here safely, potentially reducing harassment and threats. Every day I am amazed by how close these settlement outposts are. And I am amazed that this reality is tolerated and encouraged by the occupying power, while its rightful place should only be in a Kafka novel.

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